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Videze Video Maker Review

The Videze video maker software is definitely a revolution in video making software for marketers. Video marketing is an integral part of every marketer’s online strategy. Video marketing is especially effective in the local business niche. So let’s get right down to this Videze review and discuss all the benefits this cloud based video making software provides for the online digital marketer.

The creators of this product are experienced internet marketers John Gibb and Mo Miah. These guys have provided a lot of value in the affiliate marketing space with such products as Serplify, INsta Niche Content Syndicator, and Video Wave Creator.


Here is Videze

There are many video makers in the internet marketing space today. Videze is definitely up there with the best. It is completely web based so you don’t have to download any software. This also means you can access the software from any computer, Mac or PC.

The Dashboard

The dashboard has a very easy to use layout. It comes equipped with templates and various categories of video types. These include Logos, Motion Titles, Live Mockups, Whiteboard, Explainer, Slideshow, and Promo. Just pick a template and you will get a preview overlay. You then have the choice to customize the template as soon as you find the one you want.

There is a preview for every Videze asset. You simply click on any of the choices in each of the categories of Logos, Motion Titles, Promos etc., and a window will appear showing you the video asset in action. You then have the choice to create and customize the video from that preview window by pressing the “create video” green button. Once that happens you will be directed to an area where you can upload your own Logo image and also write in a tagline to the logo video. You then choose the music in the next box, and then press finish. You then press “render” and that is it. The rendering process is quite fast too. The logos take about 2 minutes to render.

In seconds, you have an intro video for any film you want. Save it in your faves to use later. The other types of videos like motion titles, take a bit longer to render.


The Video Editor

The video editor is where you can put it all together. The level of customization is quite high. You can put all of these different formats together in an effective way. There is also a pixabay integration for unlimited access to copyright-free high quality images.

Through your video editor, you can make animated videos, explainer videos, and sketch videos. You can even insert other footage you may have.


The Video Assets

Once you start exploring your dashboard in VIdeze, you will soon find out that the intros are simply spectacular. There are some really creative logo intros with compelling HD footage. There is live footage of

When you purchase the Videze video making software you will also be offered the opportunity to purchase the templates membership club. You will get new templates every month that you stay a member. These video templates are very compelling and creative.

The other offer you will receive is the chance to purchase the Videze Academy training. With this training you will learn how to rank videos on Youtube as well as how to use video ads on Youtube. You will also learn how to provide a promo video service for small businesses.


We found the video templates to be very compelling and captivating. The quality is very high and they just look great. If you are looking to make really engaging videos, these intros will hook your audience for sure. We can definitely recommend Videze to anyone looking for a quality promo video builder. Remember, you can combine video slides, 3d animated moving logo intros, animated white board videos, and great sound tracks to create eye catching promo videos for any business.

So, give Videze a try!

If you want to grab Videze, consider buying it from us at this link: