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About Us

Welcome all! We are so excited that you stopped by. So….. Who are we?

We are dreamers most of all. We are committed and determined to live a life NOT in the mainstream. We are here for the pursuit of financial freedom! If you are of the same mind, Welcome!!!!

We believe that the key to said financial freedom, is education. The world today is wonderful indeed in many ways because of the internet. This great communication enabler is what gives us the possibility to achieve our goals.

We want our website to be a resource of the education necessary to achieve our financial goals. Yes, we believe in working for our selves and our families. Yes, we believe in ultimately not working for someone else, but at the same time we also believe that it may be necessary. The internet is vehicle that gives us the opportunity to do so.

  The word “Discere” is a an old Latin term that means “Learn Yourself”. We also believe that everyone has the potential to teach themselves the necessary skills to achieve any goal. And in the case of internet marketing, we can also do so. The road to freedom is created from teaching our selves. Indeed, the autodidactic lifestyle is necessary for true personal growth in every facet of our lives.

Affiliate Marketing

     There are SOOOO many ways to make money online. And, although we will touch on many of these different ways, the main system that we will cover through Discere Marketing is in the  affiliate marketing. of mostly information and educational products in some of the major niches on the internet. Affiliate marketing is when someone as a marketer partners up with someone else who has a product. The marketer then promotes the product, and he makes a percentage of the sales of said product.

There are many other marketing sub-niches in the internet marketing niche. But if one were to simplify the whole thing, one could simply state that the whole point of internet marketing is to sell “something” of value to someone who needs or wants it. Usually said product may be virtual or real (like a blender).

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our site, and stay tuned for our many free offers that we will make available very soon.

Once again, welcome to our website!!!!!


Joseph and the Discere Marketing Team