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Simple WiFi Profits Review: This New Course in Affiliate Marketing is Making Waves

  In this Simple WiFi Profits review, we will delve into this new course for affiliate marketers and internet marketers. Simple Wifi Profits is a step by step online training program on how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

In a nutshell Chris Eom and Andrew Wright  have created a training program and support system that can teach experienced and newbie marketers how to make massive sales from Clickbank products using FB ads. No fancy tricks or complicated structure.

Their marketing overview goes like this:

1. Find a niche that has a massive number of people that are desperate to solve a specific problem.

2. Find a real and executable solution to said problem and share that solution with a hungry crowd that is looking to solve this problem.

3. Make a percentage from the sales of said product when they buy from your link.

4. Rinse, repeat, optimize, and scale the process for conversion.

They have fined tuned this very effective marketing process in what they believe to be the hungriest and biggest niche on the internet: the Fitness/Weight Loss niche.

Most marketers already know the common formula for making money online: find a high converting offer and share it to a large group of potential buyers.


Highly converting offer + traffic (targeted audience)+conversions= profits.

But like they say, the devil is in the details. You have to find the best product for the audience as well as the highest converting creative (ie. image, copy, video). You then need to set up an effective sales funnel.

And of course, you will need to find a large amount of highly targeted web traffic. This course provides all of these. In the following Simple Wifi Profits review we will go deep and find out what it is all about.

This Simple Wifi Profits review is pretty long to read.

If you are short on time, GO HERE for a recorded webinar describing the program.


What is Inside the Simple WiFi Profits Course

This course is a step by step method of making money as an affiliate marketer. Traditionally, affiliate marketing has always been associated with being a blogger, or having a video channel. When marketers share their content on a regular basis, they can get traffic to their offers by ranking on the search engines and getting more views on their Youtube channel. But Simple WiFi Profits focuses mainly on one source of traffic: Facebook Paid advertising.

Let’s get into it…

It consists of 4 simple steps. And let it be known, these steps are really not revolutionary. The 4 steps are:

1. Find a problem or need that people are desperate and passionate to try to solve.

2. Find a product that solves the problem.

3. Share the product that solves this problem.

4. Make sales and profits.

The top 3 categories that humans in the modern world struggle with are:





The course is also based on a few niche requirements. There needs to be a huge amount of people in the chosen niche. The problem that needs to be solved in the niche has to also be constantly growing. And finally, the people in this niche need to have an urgent need to solve this problem.

Let’s break down the steps below.

Step 1: Find the Problem

What problem should we try to solve?

In the  weight loss niche, the problem that needs to be solved is quite simple obvious: many people need to lose weight and be healthy again.

The data doesn’t lie. The market research proves it is the #1 health problem in the USA and much of the civilized world. In 2017, the New England Journal of Medicine published a report on a study that showed over 2 billion people worldwide were obese. That is a total of 30% of all humans on the planet. Also, 13% of the total adult population on the planet is obese. At that time they also estimated that the problem was growing by 4% per year. There is an obvious desperate need to solve the “overweight” problem in this niche.

Why would you want to solve this problem?

Obesity can increase the possibility of acquiring a list of degenerative diseases. These may include Cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, gout, diabetes, heart disease, risk of heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. And this is why the weight loss industry is in the top 3 biggest niches in internet marketing.

The weight loss industry is huge. It is a $159 Billion dollar industry. Solving this problem means that you can earn money on a daily basis. And since the industry is gargantuan, even a tiny slice of that pie would be a giant windfall.

Both Chris and Andrew have been testing their ads, and ad targeting techniques for the last two years. By now, because of this industry and the targeting power of Facebook Ads, they have managed  to be able to earn $127,000 in 24 hours.

All of their students are mostly in the same niche, promoting the same products and using the same creatives(they provide their tested creatives to all of their students), and they can all still make huge profits. And because the niche is so big and the demand for solutions so desperate, there is never any possibility of market saturation.

Once a student commits to learning their system, their initial goal for students is $10,000 in their first 45 days at least.

Step 2: Finding the Best Product

The products that the affiliates will promote are not created but found. They are taught to look for proven digital or physical products to sell as an affiliate. The affiliate product marketplace they use is Clickbank . Clickbank has bee around since 1998 and they have established themselves as a highly reputable affiliate marketplace and payment processor.

Clickbank MarketplaceThey have over 6 million clients and they are operational in over 160 countries.Chris and Andrew’s program teach you how to promote the best selling weight loss products in Clickbank.



In case you don’t  know how affiliate marketing works, the product owners list their products on the Clickbank Marketplace. When a sale is made from the affiliate link coded to a specific affiliate, the owners handle all of the labor intensive business activities such as customer service, refunds, upgrades etc, while the affiliate gets paid a percentage of the sale. All the affiliate has to do is to send targeted web traffic to their product’s offer and funnel. Once sales are made, the affiliate can earn up to 75% commission. Picking the best, high converting products is the key to success.

Step 3: Share the Product – Traffic

Where are the People? We have to go to where people hang out virtually; Facebook. There are 2.4 billion members in the Facebook social network. But how do we find the people that need help in such a giant hay stack? This is all done through the ad set up and ad targeting on FB.

Facebook has so much data on every one of their members that it is easy to find and target the rabid audience for the weight loss niche.

FB Ad Setup

Chris and Andrew have tested their ad process for a long time now. They teach the students to start with an ad budget $5 tper day. After making sales, the next step is to scale. The more sales you make the more you can scale. You can use FB’s AI to optimize your sales. Their system will find out who is more likely to buy. The ai finds out all of the lookalike buyers that have been converting on your offer. And it all begins with $5 a day. You then scale your ad spend. Setting up your ads and monitoring your ads is the key, and they teach you how to do the whole process in their own proprietary way. They leave nothing to chance.

Step 4: Make Money

Commissions are paid by Clickbank every two weeks via physical check or direct deposit.


Chris and Andrew take you by the hand to teach you their strategies. These strategies are proven because they have spent up to $3 million optimizing their system to what it is today. Their program goes one step further though.

Aside from the training on their methods, the Simple WiFi Profits course provides students with the actual campaigns that they themselves use and are already converting. These campaigns have been tested and vetted.They provide the ad targeting, the creatives, and training on how to setup and optimize the ads.

Because the niche(weight loss) is so huge, there is never any fear of saturation of ads or competing with other students.

What Else Is Included in The Simple Wifi Profits Course?

There are some really special benefits that come with this affiliate training course. Below are some of these:

1. Everything needed to get the first student to 10K a month. They will show you everything from a-z,

2. The DFY products they have used to make 1 million a month

3. The entire ad swipe file that gets them results; all of the copy, and images, and scaling formula.

4. Ad targeting and scaling formula.

5. Support is 24/7 365 for any help that you may need if you get stuck. You will be reached by actual coaches

trained by Chris and   .

6. There’s also a monthly coaching call to learn the newest tips and what the rest of the community is doing.

They will also walk through examples live. You get direct access live with the creators.

7. You will get a conference one on one call every other Wednesday. Find out about updates, latest tips, new offers,

formulas, startegies..etc.

8. A private Mentorship group organized by Chris and Andrew to help and mentor new students.

What Kind of Results Do You Get With SWP?

When you watch the webinar, they will go into their results. This is standard operating procedure for most webby’s.

Some of their students starting out earned $324 in a single day. Results can be up to $2400/day, and even 10K in their first 15 days. In one case study with one of their best students, James, they got to show his impressive results. Recently, James had his first million dollar month.

Do They Have a Guarantee?

When we looked at the following “deal sweeteners” we were very impressed. They offer a very special guarantee if you decide to join their course.

They offer a “Fort Knox Strong” 45 day success guarantee. If after 45 days in the program you show that you implemented their training into your campaigns and you still did not make money, they will refund your entire investment.

And they offer another interesting carrot. When you make 10K in sales, you will get a refund on your $1495 investment.

They actually pay you back $1497! And they are backed by Clickbank’s credibility of 22 years in the business. We haven’t found this kind of perk with any other programs we have looked at.

About The Creators of Simple WiFi Profits

The training was created by Chris Yeom and Andrew Wright. They are both in their early 20’s and both have compelling stories.

Andrew Wright grew up in Southern California to a family of overachievers. He had mediocre grades in high school

and dropped out of college. He then went on to go down the rabbit hole of internet marketing where he found his way through the tough lessons to achieve massive financial success.

The Pros of SWP

Chris and Andrew have created a very efficient, cut-n-dry, training program that focuses  on only the essential actions necessary for an affiliate marketer to get sales and profits. They then teach you how to scale this process so you can earn as much as you want to earn per month. Simply set a monthly target, and you have the system to achieve it.

  They also give you all of their “still working” campaigns; the ad images, ads, landing pages, bridge pages, and the complete ad targeting data for your ad. And since the niche is so big, there is no possibility of competing with your fellow entrepreneurs.

And of course, there is the invaluable benefits of the bi-weekly calls, the private membership group, the engaged FB community to keep you plugged in throughout the whole process.

And lastly, their 45 day money back guarantee is incredibly generous. As we were writing this Simple Wifi Profits review, we thought this guarantee is a 

The Cons

Well, the only possible objection we can see with this program is the price tag, but it shouldn’t be. This is not a $17 Warrior Plus course or even an $67 or $100 course. You are investing on highly valuable information that has the real possibility to launch you on the path to financial independence. 

We find the investment for this online business to be very reasonable when you take into account the upside.

Another possible deficiency in the program is that they don’t apply any kind of email marketing component to their training. The course is completely about scaling Facebook Ads. Email marketing could possibly be implemented down the line in the future.


In Conclusion

Well we hope you got some value from our Simple WiFi Profits review. We recommend this course wholeheartedly! We believe that it is a fresh and effective perspective on teaching affiliate marketing by means of scaling Facebook Ads.

If you want to hear James being interviewed discussing Simple WiFi Profits, simply go to Simple Wifi Profits Review Here!

You can also see a full webinar HERE and hear Chris and Andrew describe their program to you!